Matt Brubeck (mbrubeck) wrote,
Matt Brubeck

Learning Norwegian

I'm still studying French every day, but since you can't study French all the time, I needed another hobby. So now I'm learning Norwegian.

We're going to Norway this summer to visit some of my relatives, and I thought it would be fun and useful to learn some of the language first (even though Norway has a very high level of English proficiency). Since Assimil's French book + audio set worked so well for me, I looked for a similar course for Norwegian. Assimil doesn't have any English-to-Norwegian books, and the comparable ones I found from other publishers were extremely expensive, so I ended up buying Assimil's Le Norvégien… because why not study both languages at once? Anyway, I'm now having fun learning a new language that's quite different from French, though I'm still stuggling with the pronunciation.

After Norway we will continue on to Paris. Unlike our last trip to Europe, this time we are bringing Nora along. She started kindergarten this year and is working very hard at learning to read; we hope that'll help occupy her on the trans-Atlantic flights!

Tags: family, kids, kindergarten, norwegian, school, travel
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