Matt Brubeck (mbrubeck) wrote,
Matt Brubeck

Oh, The Things I Have Seen!

a poem by Roy Batty

Oh, the things I have seen! Oh, the stuff I perceive!
I've seen things that you people wouldn't believe.
Some tall and some small, and some medium-size.
Oh, if only you saw what I've seen with your eyes!

I saw attack ships burning, off the shoulder of Orion.
(If you see Orion ships for sale, think twice before you buy 'em.)

Near Tannhauser's gate one night I waited in the dark
and when I squinted carefully I thought I saw a spark.
What made the spark, you ask? A designated spark-emitter?
I think I know what made it: I was watching c-beams glitter!

The off-world colonies are where they say new lives await you:
A chance to have adventures and begin with a clean slate too.
More life? "Yes, please!" said I, though I suspected all along:
The light that's twice as bright can only burn for half as long.

Those moments will be lost in time, like teardrops in the rain.
It's time to say goodbye; I won't be seeing you again!

Tags: blade runner, dr seuss, movies, parody, poetry
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