Matt Brubeck (mbrubeck) wrote,
Matt Brubeck

2013 year in review

It was a busy year. Nora finished kindergarten and started first grade. She's become an avid reader, finishing over 200 books (mostly chapter books she read herself!) during the library's summer reading program, and winning our branch's drawing to go to the "Breakfast of Champions" in the Space Needle along with the winners and librarians from all the Seattle Public Library branches.

During summer vacation we also took a family trip to Europe, and got to meet our new Norwegian cousins and learn new languages.

I started my fourth year at Mozilla and second year on the "Window 8 Style" Firefox project. I've taken steps toward managing/leading an engineering team, like handling the weekly one-on-one meetings for several of my minions teammates, and taking a larger role in product decisions.

Mozilla has declared a long company-wide end-of-year break this month, so I've had a relaxing Christmas at home, mostly reading books and visiting family. Happy New Year, everyone.

Tags: christmas, family, mozilla, new year, travel, work
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